Getting Desired Results: Matching Expectations

To get desired results the first and foremost thing you have to do is know what is desired.  Without knowing the target it is impossible to hit it.

So easily said by not easily done.  Lets' examine what is knowing the target actually means. It is knowing what are different stake holders demand from you.  Knowing what your immediate boss requires from you, what your project team is demanding from you.  What are their expectations?

If you are new to a project or a newly appointed manager then you immediate duty should be to listen to different parties involved in getting your job done.  Just listen and take notes.  Many things will be clearer to you.

After you are fully aware of the situation, get all relevant parties on the table and collectively decide on things which you cannot deliver or certain project deliverables are out of scope.  And as Seth Godin says "Just ship it". 

Most people just rush to the launch and they never hit on the target.

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