Operational, Mangerial, Strategical

Different levels exists in an organization which maintains its competitive edge in the market.  Operational level consists of people who are in charge of daily operations.  These are the line workers who put in those hours that produce the actual meat. 

Managerial level manages line workers and other supervisors who operate the daily activities.  Their role is crucial in getting the job done on time and with quality.  Without them it would be chaos in the company. 

Strategical level is the top most level which is not only concerned with internal operations of the company but also how company is placed strategically in the market place.  They analyze marketplace and make strategies for the future.  Without them companies would be out of business in the long run. 

All the these three levels are equally important in our daily lives.  However we do not take them as seriously as companies do.  If we incorporate these three levels in our daily functioning then we can place our personal brand in a much competitive position. 

In everyday life we are unable to spare fixed amount of time to these levels.   More than 90% of our daily work is operational, hardly managerial and invisibly strategical.  If we spare more time on strategical and managerial then our operational efficiency can be maximized and we can do more work in less time. 

Always remember 80/20 rule when you find yourself overdoing something.  Only 20% of your time is actually productive and 80% of time is wasted in doing irrelevant things.   Have you ever realized how much time is spent in just checking emails while working?  

So my argument is if only 20% of my time is productive then why not spend some time on doing something else which is equally important in getting my work done.  Let me give some important things which you could do or think.

Strategically you can 1.) plan on whom to collaborate with on your next project 2.) how to acquire a new skill to get a new job or do existing job faster 3.) how to increase networking and 4.) analyze what are your strengths and weaknesses and what can you do about it.

In Managerial activities you can include 1.) managing your time equally on the above three levels 2.) manage your calendar of activities that gets you going.

Operational activities you are already doing so bring efficiency in everything you do. 

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