Why middle class will continue to struggle?

You can call it average or middle class.  It will continue to struggle.  It is neither full nor empty.

A child is born > Goes to an average school > Never got first in class or learnt anything excellent > Remained average throughout > Landed a job with an average salary.

Is it any wonder why he/she would get paid an average salary?  This is no surprise.  Most of the world population is in middle class.

The middle class never realized what it takes to get to the top.  This class never had to give up something they truly loved to get their focus set on one thing.  (The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)

This class is highly affected by distractions which take away their focus and attention.   There are too many of them unfortunately.  Want some name of those distractions?  Here

1.) Social Circus
The middle class is continuously affected by societal affairs.  Always they believed that in order to survive you have to satisfy and follow all the traditions of society.  And to be in that circle you have to be a part of that circus.  Rich people didn't got rich because of continuously satisfying everybody.  They had to ignore most of them.  Some people from middle class with high ambitions are able to ignore them.  For example an ambitious student would say, "I cannot attend your birthday party because I have some important work".  You have to leave this circus for the time being.

2.) Attractions which are distractions
This class lives in a social setting.  Which is they are in touch with people and are affected by what other people say and do.  If a friend buys a SUV or a 51 inch Plasma TV, then he has to buy it.  Such a mentality is best at preventing you from being you.  Everything everybody is doing is not necessarily meant for you to do it.  You have an intelligence, use it.  People attracted by Facebook, Iphone, Social gaming, TV, Social meetings, Movies, Parties are unable to focus on what they have to do.

When nothing works in their favor this class goes to the rescue of society.  They feel when anything happens society will help them survive or will hold their hand in times of misery.

Unless the middle class gets used to giving up their "attractions which are distractions" they won't be able to become rich or achieve success.

An ending note to remember, "Give up everything that is preventing you from being you and from doing your art".

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