You Cannot Motivate Anyone

How many times you have told your friend, a student, your elder sister or brother to do something you felt would be life changing?  And they didn't even listened to you. 

The fact is "You Cannot Motivate Anyone".  You can only create an atmosphere so that someone will take any action.  What does that mean?

It means that if your sales leader is biggest fan of sport car, post a picture of sport car right in front of his desk.  And write the sales target below it. 

It has a lot to do with setting someone's focus.  Create an atmosphere that will keep his/her focus on the goal.  Let me ask you one thing.

Which is your favorite company and you just want to work for that company?  The web page of the company should be your default homepage until get into that company working.  The way you behave, act, think will dramatically change.

So next time don't motivate anyone.  Think how to set someone's focus on the goal and not lose it.

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