Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Don't Need Your Money, Give Me Internet

Don't give me money, give me internet.  If you could help a poor nation with something then build a super fast network for ultra high speed internet accessible to at least half of its population.  And see how communities after communities are built.  

My father when came to USA got bored after staying at home when I was busy working.  He suddenly found his passion on youtube.  He started watching videos on furniture design and artistry.  I was surprise to see him contacting people in furniture design.  And of course he complained the poor quality of internet in India, but not about anything else. 

As soon as he went to back to India after now 3 months he has started his own workshop to build custom made furniture.  Ain't that amazing.  My mother never learned how to turn on a computer but she can easily navigate and find old songs on youtube.  

These are just stories close to me.  But imagine what wonders it could do to a nation where generation is longing to learn and innovate.  Money will not last for long and no nation can supply a lasting financial aid.  But can we at least empower a school in a developing nation with high speed internet.  If we can then I believe that rest of generation will pick up on itself. 

If we are willing to learn and collaborate, internet right now is in its golden stage to provide a platform for such a cultural exchange.  If you are reading this post on your computer or mobile take a moment to think for a man who is working in sun with little expertise on wood cutting.  Had he seen some videos on internet he could have changed his life.