Success and Failure Credits

I have great mentors backing my life and my success.  Whereas only one person is responsible for my failure, and that's me.  No second guesses in that.  It makes my life easier when I have only one person to criticize over my failure.

When everything goes right I thank many people who have helped me.  Just comes natural after not doing it many times(So I am no born with such wisdom guy).  My hard work is always overshadowed by Mentors.  They have been my superstars.

In past stupidly I used to criticize others for my failure and waste my emotional energy.  Over time I have learned hard lessons to make life easier.  Take the blame on yourself and move ahead.  But not for the wrong reasons. If I just keep rationalizing my failure then I will never concentrate on overcoming it.  So I quickly get bad emotions out and move on.  Wise thing to do. 

Now this is obvious to you and also you might have observed, when we win we never take time to thank others and when we fail, we seek help.  The logic is not right. 

So remember always, when you win, imagine yourself standing on Oscar podium and thank everyone.  You know why this works, because once you are successful not matter how big or small you are a celebrity.  And when you give credit to other, you are giving some portion of your fame to them.  They too feel gratified. 

 Next time when you fail(possible not), hopefully they will stand by you. 

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