Two Ways To Change World

There are only two ways to change the world.  Tough and Easy one.

Tough one : Go mess around everyone's business (lives) and pitch in your idea.

If you are not experienced, you will be kicked out.  No money, competition will crush you out.  Keeping it very simple.  Go try it out.  Some ideas need pitching if quick results are needed.  And that is what MBA Schools teach.

So here is the easy one which MBA schools will not teach you.  The great freedom fighter who fought his battle on few principles to give freedom to India.

Easy one:  "Be the change you want to be" - Mahatma Gandhi.

Your life is an example to the world.   You don't have to argue with everyone.  They can see the change in you.  Changing everyone is tough.  Changing one person is easy.  Has Steve Jobs changed the world? Yes.  How? By changing himself.  Has he changed after being removed from his own company?  Yes (See the Stanford commencement speech) .

"You can change your life by changing your Attitude" - Oprah.

How will you change yourself and your attitude?  Which principles shall define the fate of your entire family and generation?

Go find your true self and be true to your self.    

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