Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Will You Do If Google Did It?

In recent years, giants companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter coming from nowhere, it has become pretty evident that many old behemoths are afraid and are forced to re-think their viability.  These companies are eating away lunch of many big companies like Microsoft and Yahoo.

It has certainly forced gorillas to wake up, shed some weight and innovate.  Companies are innovating faster then before.  Apple is having more product launches per year then they used to do.  Google is entering into every business that you can think off (An automated car -- really?). 

Well it is not a surprise that such a technology never existed.  Engineers from MIT have long developed such cars.  But never made it to market due to liability issues and nascent technology.  But Google has the advantage of its massive data centers, artificial intelligence, data mining capability and Geo-mapping technology.  Such a technology a car, coming from Google is a surprise. 

So you should not be surprised if Google invents their own spaceship tomorrow.  Because it is how the game is changing.  Innovation is the name of the game.  If they can do it in their 20% of spare time (Google give their engineers 20% of their time to work on anything they like), then why couldn't we. 

Can't we take a break from what we do everyday and spare some time to re-think the way we do things?  If 80% of our time is unproductive then why not just take a break and do something else.  Can we spend some time learning new skills? Could we spend time collaborating or volunteering on a project close to next department?

Google, Facebook or any company will eventually do what they are destined to do it.  But what will you do with your time?  Could we take some time weekly to analyze how this technology or a certain trend is going to affect our long term future?  It is not about what impact they will have on us.  But what impact can we create.  Will you?