All Different And Still The Same

Everyone wants to be different than the other person, still we see the same mistakes.  Following a trend, believing in rumors is seen and repeated in different countries.

When I first came to United States within first few months I realized that its only the language and the way we look is different, other than that we all share commonality.  And we all are the same.

People are affected by multinational brands everywhere.  Corporates rules the modern society.  Brands have same power across the borders.

Why we fall into the trap?  We want to be different, wear different clothes, have a different career, have a nice house and interior different than our friend and have best gadgets.  But why still we are the same.  How could and entire nation (America) fall into such an economic crisis?  Where was our consciousness gone when banks were refinancing for nothing?

Obesity in America is worse and diabetes is catching up with the race.  If everyone(most of the population) is affected by these diseases then should we claim that we are different?  Wearing different clothes is not being a different personality.  Wearing an attitude that is different and thinking different than the group will make a difference.

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