Challenge For Creative Individuals

It has been a while since I have written something on creativity.  Let's address one of the challenge faced by creative individuals and how to overcome it.

The Challenge: How to get honest criticism for your creativity?

Recently I saw a performance from a guy in an event.  As an audience I bet it was boring for everyone present there.  But then when everyone met him they all said good things about his performance.  Why good and then still bad?  What if people around you don't say how exactly your perform? What is the problem?

There is one group of people around you who don't want to offend you over your creativity.  Hence they will always play safe and  won't criticize your work.  In turn they will always give diplomatic answers.  These responses should never be considered as a true judgement of your work.

Second group of people is the one who has never done such a work like never sung a song, never made a painting will feel amazed to see your work because it is out of their creative reach.  They will never say bad about your work.  Because they respect it.   Another group which you should ignore.

Third group of people is the one who is unaffected by your personal relationship and is out of your fan club.  This group knows the art, knows industry standards and knows what works out there.  This group of people will criticize your work and that's the group you should catch and care for.  Remember this group is neutral and sees things as they exist.  They don't belong to a particular fan club.

Many times it will happen that you will always get good reviews about your creativity.  But that's the right time for you to seek for honest criticisms from the third group of people.   Find out which is your third group.   You can improve if you have an industry standard to compare with.  But what will you do to improve when you are the standard.  How will you beat yourself?

Solution:  Once you are done with your work, pick up some random people whom you don't know.  Pick up different age and interest groups.  Show your work to them.  Don't disclose that this is done by you.  And then ask for feedback.  And then improve, improve and improve.   Sometimes even this group could be wrong.  But always seek for the third group.

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