Do we speak same language?

Would you bother to learn French if I wrote this blog post in French?  No you will leave this page and jump on something that is comprehensible.

At a meeting, just imagine how difficult it would be to have a person who cannot understand what you are saying.   Working with someone who cannot speak your language is like pulling your hairs. Reporting to a boss who doesn't understand what you do is a similar situation.

While in grad school we did lots of team projects as a part of our course work.  It was natural to have lots of international students in a class.  I considered it a crime if two people with same nationality started talking in their native language.  Felt like I was discriminated even if the talk didn't involved me.  It was an insult to everyone else in the group too.  

If you are running into a meeting with your boss over a new project then learn the basic of the project first.  Know what is going to be discussed well in advance.  Do some research and go.  Otherwise they will start talking about something you don't know and you will feel discriminated.  It is similar situation like someone talking in Hebrew in front of you.   

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