Don't Motivate To Break

We certainly want our loved ones to achieve new heights in their career.  And we will do everything that it takes them to achieve their goals.  Our loved ones could be our spouse, friends, employees and even strangers.  We will provide all the possible resources but still no fire of passion.

For most of the time we think they are getting what we are saying.  But they don't.  We get so much passionate about their dreams or our shared dreams but somehow we cannot ignite the passion in them.  We try to motivate them so much that they finally break.  They give up.  The world breaks apart for us.

We certainly didn't wished for this one.  So how could we do it the other way?  Get them ignited without breaking them.  Get them passionate without becoming a hate figure.  Get them self-motivating without self-indulging.  Becoming a role model without being a road block.  Few things we can ensure to do achieve this.  Here.

1.) Stop Motivating.  Because you cannot.
2.) Provide a window to the world without being the window.
3.) Become less possessive about their dreams. So let them create their own dreams.
4.) Engage them in playing games and wining them.
5.) Identify and remove their fear.

These are not exclusive ones but I would like to quote a famous saying, "Never say Die" - Energizer Batteries.  If you give up then there is not doubt that they will too give up.  Keep doing it and Keep experimenting.

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