Its Never Too Late

Holidays ! What a time of the year!  When you have everything you wanted, holidays are celebrating.  We enjoy them.  But when we don't have what we need -the necessity, we are sad.  Holidays are unwelcoming.  Let's not make this Holidays boring and also sad for some one.

Giving can make you spiritually and emotionally rich person.  You will have a crash course on wisdom.  You will feel it.  It is the purest kind of happiness.  I am not talking about pleasure here which is you get by consuming food, playing xbox or surfing on iphone.   It is sheer happiness followed by soft heart.

If you are in Toledo, Ohio,  then you can join me in giving a food basket to someone whom we don't know this thanksgiving.  But we do know that it will make them smile.  You can volunteer by getting some food and I can figure out how to do it best.

Please drop me a line at my email with your contact information and I will get back to you.  We will have some fun and a chance to touch few hearts.  Feel free to get some friends involved.  Remember Thanksgiving is a day away.

It is never too late when it comes to giving.

Update:  It was a great experience shared with my soul mate my wife.  We donated food to Cherry Street Mission in Toledo.  It was great to find out people coming out and helping.  Amazing. I have now marked of this from my check list of things to do in life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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