Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Managing Self

MBA schools have always stressed the point that getting an MBA degree will get you a nice job.  Manage a company or a position and live happily.

They miss out the point.  It is not about managing companies or your job portfolio.  It is about managing your career.  Managing the self.  But it is not the focus of many schools. Case studies after case studies on companies successes and failures.   Ever presented or done a case study on yourself.  Did the entire class room critiqued on you?

You will learn maximum not by attending lectures but by volunteering, networking, building your brand, reading extra stuff like biographies, entrepreneurial books etc, leading and speaking.   And no body is going to teach you this unless you figure it out.

If you are able to do your job efficiently but you not efficient in your personal life then is it useful?  People with Master degrees were facing financial crisis during recession.  There has to be a balance in both of the lives: personal as well as professional.

To strike a balance is the real deal for managers.  Books after books are written on these topics.  And one course or lecture can't do justice to this.  Personal differences, emotional intelligence, ego, ethics, responsibility are some of the challenges one has to overcome in managing thy self.