Networking: What's Your Group?

Common Scenario Seen at Networking Events.  There are different groups of people attending networking events.  They can be classified into five groups.

Group 1:  Never talks to people.  They come, listen and go.  

Group 2:  Hesitant to talk but would love to get into conversation.  They wait for a chance but they miss it.

Group 3:  They make the first move, they talk for a while, exchange business cards and disperse.

Group 4:  They have done their homework. They know the people, their likes, dislikes, projects they are working on, they have done Google search, LinkedIn and even Facebook search.    This group has the capacity to engage the other person in a conversation.

They have the power to build long term relationships.  Of course this group comprises of less than 10% people attending these events as it requires hard work and diligent effort to know the other person.  This group has a purpose.  This group ends meeting by fixing another meeting for a lunch or dinner.

Group 5:  This group is genuinely interested in what you do.  This group of people know the networking mantra.  When they are not there for any specific purpose, still they know how to start a talk and end a talk, which might result into a relationship.  This group is willing to help.  This group is open to everything.

You either want to be in Group 4 or 5.  Rest is not in the game.

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