The Problem

For most part in a meeting, it is difficult to reach a common consensus that says, "Guys we have a problem, What do we do about it? "

Everything can be sorted out if everyone agrees that there is a problem.  Many times that's not the case.  I have seen people arguing over tiny details about why things are going wrong and who is to blame.  When the roof of a building collapses we don't argue about why it collapsed or whose fault it was.  First we try to fix it.

Fire rescue teams will not start blaming the building owners.  Their job is to just save the building from fire.  Pour the water in and move out.  That's it.  

My concern in a meeting is the broken ceiling.  If you can see it then come forward to fix it.  Later we can discuss about what we should not do so that it doesn't happen again.  The hardest part is to bring everyone on the same page.  And that's the problem.

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