Blogging: When In Doubt, Don't Post

Bloggers are creative.  They are creative and hence they can come up with many ideas instantly.  I don't know about all of them but at least I can relate to myself.

I think of many ideas that could be potential blog posts.  Some times I get so excited about an idea that I feel this is it. I have to write on it.  After writing few lines on it, I tend to loose interest.  I have even written some posts which now reading back I feel that I shouldn't have written them.  But that is the learning process after all.  Any ways, the best way to tackle such creative sparks (where we are unsure about the idea) is to save the idea and write them later.

I have more than 60 drafts of blog posts pending which I thought were great ideas but now I cannot find more thoughts to write on it.  So I just save them.  Whenever I feel that they are ready to go out, I post them.  

The best way to judge whether a creative blog post or idea is really great is to give it a time test.  If you feel that you are unsure about whether this idea is a great blog post or not, then just stop and don't post it.  Read it again and again.   After few more days come again.  Can you still read it at one stretch?  Does it excite you as much as you thought initially?  If it does go ahead and launch.

When you are in doubt then don't publish your blog post immediately, give it some time.  Let the idea grow in itself.  Let it take shape.  Just think what would happen if you are about to write a book.  Many draft versions and many revisions has to be done before it is published.  I think it won't hurt to do the same with blog posts.

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