Networking Tip

Most Important Networking Tip:  Keeping track of your conversations with your networking friends or business partners.

You meet me today and we talk on "what are you working on?"  We just talked causally about life and business and other important things.  After a month of so we again catch up and we don't want to start all over again.  And you might meet some person after long time.  It is difficult to remember what he/she said then.

Ideally you want to start the conversation from where you left.  So that it is smooth and both parties feel comfortable.  Business deals get so comfortable when you know that other person knows you and they care for you.

Do you know one secret?  You will not ask your childhood friend about his name.  Or even what he is working on.  You remember it.  After all he is your friend.  That is how networking is supposed to be.  How come we cannot co-relate networking with friendship?

For real, I will tell you one truth.  I hate word, "Networking".  But if it wasn't for word "networking" you won't be even reading this post at all.  Networking never made sense to me and so I tried to find out more about it.  The more I tried to find out about it, the more I got interested into the science behind it.

And the science is this.  Treat it like friendship.  For example, Friendship is about taking your friends or going out with your friends for lunch or dinner.  Go do it with networking.  Friendship is about sharing your great personal moments with your friends.   Go do it with networking.  It is about being personal and real.   Why you should imitate someone which you are not?

Take everything from friendship and apply it to networking.  Do everything to your business partners or networking mentors that you would do with your friends.  It is about building great relationships.


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