The Sexiest Fashion Show On Earth

If you are attracted by the title of the post and coming to read this then I guess you will be disappointed.  But the idea behind this post is very fascinating and great.  I feel this gives a whole new dimension to what we are doing in the business world today and what we should be doing.

First of all if you haven't seen the latest Victoria's Secret fashion show then go on Youtube and see it.  And I don't mean it by any sense of vulgarity.  It is a spectacular show by all operations, marketing and management means.  Articles after articles and case studies can be done on just how they execute the whole show.  It is marvelous.

Needless to say if you see some leading fashion designers' shows then you will see the planning and preparation behind it.  But guess what, who is the show stealer in this all process, "Not the model, Not the Person, Not the product".    It is the "Idea".  The Idea of newness.  What the heck next year's show will look like? How the models will be dressed? Who will come next? Will anything go wrong on the stage? Will I miss it?  There is this curiosity within all of us to find out something new.

So here is the deal.  We all are in the Fashion Business.  We all are building products and businesses that are not an end in itself.  It is a continuous process of improvement and releasing the next version of your product. It will be the next fashion.  Did Apple create a fashion for smart phones?  Hell yeah.  Did Facebook created a fashion to stay connected with people?  Are they able to maintain it.  Facebook launched lots of features this year.   People were eager to find out how their new profile would look like.

We have to run our businesses like a Fashion Show.  Our next product should be a Fashion.  The next version of our software should be launched with such planning and preparation.  We cannot shell out all our creativity in one product(Apple could have done all the features in their Ipad in the very first iteration, but they didn't).  Always remain hungry and don't satisfy everybody.  Is it possible to write everything I want to write in one blog post?  No I cannot.  One blog post has to end and the next blog post has to come.   If there is nothing new you will not come back to read right.

Our mentality is shaped hugely by what we think and what surrounds us daily.  We are in a creative business economy.  We have to think like artists and fashion designers.  We need to be experimental, we need to be satisfied with what we can do in a moment.  After all in one fashion season only one Fashion Show can be done. Next year there will be new products, new models and new people to watch.  Some people could afford it this year, some will be able to afford it next year.

So do you run your business like the Sexiest Fashion Show on Earth?  Are your products Sexy?  Are they able to create a desire?  Is it something for which I will save money? Is it something for which I will wait?

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