Social Media: Transparency And Responsiveness

Focusing too much to come up with a good social media strategy I think is a waste of time.  I feel a company which is transparent and truly responsive has a great social media presence.  And if companies can focus on being transparent and responsive then they can build a great brand using social media.

If you want to have a presence on twitter then really you will have to tweet it up.  Which is not limited to using twitter but you will have to give updates to followers every now and then.  This leads to opening a window into company culture.  The more you tweet up personal and relevant information about the company the more followers will follow up.  If you are truly transparent then over time you will realize value.  The bigger the window    , the bigger the presence and engagement.

Social media is demanding.  If you cannot back it up with reps answering tweets or email or complains then you shouldn't think on going heavy into this.  Customers want to be heard and they also want to engage into conversations.  Many times customers would also want to give you valuable suggestions., but what if there is no one to listen.  Customer engagement is highest if there is someone at the receiving end.  Social media is very vibrant and agile.  If customers or followers get angry or companies often do mistakes then "Buzz" is amplified these days using social media.  Always it is not the problem that is the problem, but the response to the problem is the problem.


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