Win Win Situation

Inside an organization, there is no zero sum game.  If you win, I loose it is not like that.  If I am learning a new technology and if others in the organization cannot benefit from it then it is not going any further.  Of course you will argue that what is a big deal in teaching a new technology to others.  Right.  It is not a big deal.  

But what about leadership skills.  Who will teach and mentor others on leadership?  If you have to work everyday with people who do not understand what you are saying, isn't it a nightmare for you to work with them.    You want people who are like you.  The work place would be a much better place then.

It is not about who is going forward, which department is ahead and better than others.  It is about whether departments are learning from each other.  It is about if we are able to grow together.  If you want to make this world a better place to live then you have to go beyond the self.  If we have to reduce green house gases then one organization or one company cannot.  We have to grow together and learn from each other.

Lets take an example here.  If you sell quality products and if you want the world to know about what a quality product is then you have to educate others about quality.  You cannot keep the knowledge within yourself. If you take Toyota then their quality standards are adopted all over the world.  If they would have kept those principles within themselves then it would not have been possible to see some innovations.

If we go and grow together then we can create value which is better than a zero sum game.  When we create value then we all win.  You can always win by fooling a customer.  You have create value or give value to your customers.  We cannot cheat a customer.  A business can win if the customers are happy.  And in this world we all win if we all are happy.  Of course not all are happy right now and not everybody is wining.  We need to start creating more and more value in this world.

It is as simple as, "I only win if you win".  

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