The Only Industry Where Customers Don't Want What They Pay For

The Only Industry where customers don't want to get 100% value of their money.  Have you ever came across such an Industry other than Education?

Education is such an industry where Students don't want to get what they pay for.  A boring professor - Students want leave.  A boring class - Students want to Facebook in class.  Students waiting for spring and fall break all the time.  Snowing heavily, students pray for getting a leave.

If you walked into a retail store, have you ever said. "Oh this customer service representative is boring and I will not pay"  Or "I will not ask for my money back if I received torn shirts".   Only a fool will take away defected clothes from a shopping mall.

Why this behavior is not seen in Education?  Have you ever seen a student complaining for not receiving first class quality education?  Or Has a student asked for his money back after feeling that he has not received quality education?  The point here is even if the student would have tried he wouldn't have got it back.

Why corporate mentality is not set into Education?  I bet if all professors received a customer sales representative training from Nordstrom or Zappos then we would have been in a better shape.  I wonder how the state of education would be, if they believed and delivered the very best customer service.

The current state of education is due to two reasons.  First I blame it on the customers and then on the service providers.  If customer sets the bar high, then without a doubt business would have to live up to.

 Imagine if Universities started policies like Wal-mart(100% customer satisfaction or money back guarantee), what would the state of education become?  I am eager to see such a revolution in Education sector.

Update:  Remember 100% satisfaction means even if you did your job and then customer didn't liked it, still they get their money back.  That's what Wal-mart promises.  That's means if this was implemented in Education, you could get a nice job and a nice grade and still ask for money back and you should get it.

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