Monday, February 07, 2011

When Do You Need To Change?

In this post, this is a very simple question I want to ask, "When do you need to change?"  Now.  But how will you know that "Now" is the time to change.  Business books and programs talk a lot about organizational change and how it can impact organizations.  It is very important to recognize and sense the changing atmosphere within an organization to implement change.  It is also very difficult one.

At a personal level, it is even more difficult.  For organizations, individuals will fight their ego and work harder to drive the change.   When it comes to individuals, people tend to give up.  Many are not able to recognize the changing atmosphere around them.  Long after time has passed they realize that it is time to change.  The harder part is not about implementing change, the harder part is recognizing change and implementing it.  

If you ask yourself this question then you will get the signal to change something.  The question. "Do you really want to do what you are about to do today? And what if this was your last day on earth?"  If the answer is NO, for too many days in a row then you got your signal.  You need to change.