Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why People Share On Facebook?

I don't have a definitive answer but I have penned down my thoughts on why people share and why they don't share too.

People share different items or objects (sorry a programmer's mind) for different reasons.  So don't judge people based upon what they share(Can't judge a person from just his hairs, look at the person as a whole.)


Unintentional and Accidental shares
1.) Sometimes they accidentally share due to clicking and taking part in different applications.  May be they didn't knew it.  Not their fault.

2.) Attended a party and friend shared and tagged my photos.  Oops ! did I allowed it?  Friends causing troubles...Once again not their fault.

Intentional shares
1.) People sometimes share because they want to be perceived in a certain way to certain groups of people

2.) People share to express their feelings and emotions

3.) They share because they want to play a part in spreading social awareness.

4.) They share because they felt someone might find it useful, funny and interesting.

5.) They want to be a part of a revolution.

Do you know any more reasons?