Creativity & Comparison

Have you ever seen Mona Lisa? Not the painting, but the lady.  Even her photograph?  No Right.  Everyone has seen the famous painting Mona Lisa.  In creativity, your work will always be compared if it is referenced to something in existence.  For example, If I draw a sketch from a photograph of a person and if I didn't drew it exactly as it looks like then it will be compared.  There is a reference - the photograph to which you can compare the art.

In case of Mona Lisa, you have never seen the lady or not even her photograph, so there is no point of comparison.  And by general perception people like to say that it is a flawless painting.  The painting is definitely beautiful no doubt about it but because there is no comparison.   Have you ever seen an iPhone like phone before iPhone was invented?  No.  Because it was not created by keeping anything as a reference in mind.  This was totally a new category, a new concept and a new design.

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