Execution Will Always Matter

I do believe in first mover advantage. Does that mean that latecomers have no chance?  Well it depends on each case you consider.  Did Friendster won the social networking despite being ahead of everyone in networking space?  Friendster was launched when Mark Zuckerberg was in school.  Facebook came much later  in the game.  Now we don't even hear about Friendster.  Facebook is the king.  So can Google challenge Facebook in social networking?  Well it depends on execution.  Facebook came and took over Myspace like zoom.  Reason: Facebook executed faster and maintained its simplicity.  Can Google go ahead do that?  They cannot go faster and just do what Facebook did it.

Another case if we consider is Bing from Microsoft which is doing very well.  Microsoft despite their failed attempts at search having spent billions of dollars still decided that they can challenge Google.  And in some vertical searches for example travel and images I really like Bing.  And Bing is a product very well executed.  My point in all of this is even if you are very late in the game, you can become one of the major players in the market by focusing on execution(provided you have some other advantage).  In case of Bing, Microsoft had huge pile of cash to pump out.  Execution is one of the factors involved behind a successful product.

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