Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Just One Bad Customer

It is not the case of just one bad customer that you might have handled that day who was not satisfied.  It is really about how you handled that customer.  We never know but one customer, one reader, one fan can define your customer service.

Our leadership is sometimes defined by how we handle failure.  Under panic situations different people behave differently.  How you handle a frustrated customer can really define your brand.  You know why?  Because these people will tell how they were treated by that rep.  These incidents eventually get converted into stories which propagate like wildfire.  Especially with social media in place.

Will you talk to your friends regarding 20 average or good interactions you did with different people?  Or will you talk about that sales rep who just changed your mood when he refunded your money?  There has to be a special protocol for handling different customers differently.  And special care should be taken for a genuinely frustrated customer.  

Sometimes really that one just customer is all that mattered.  And in the world where a person can tweet, share on facebook, these events don't take time to spread over the wire.  Now with mobile they don't even have to go home to voice their frustration.