Lets Be Adventurous

Doing something different and challenging status quo is adventurous.  Taking on bigger challenges and walking the unexplored path is adventurous.  Adventures can bring self confidence in us.  It makes us fear less.  If we just keep doing same things everyday and never explore what are different things are possible then we will not be able to find out opportunities around us.    

Mastering a software relates a bit on being adventurous.  It is about poking each tiny piece and see what happens.  We won't know it until we actually do it.  Entrepreneurs are adventurous and they have walked this path before.  Life's different lessons are not learned in a classroom.  They are learned by roaming in the wild by doing actual things.  A simple  example would be asking your boss to take on this next big challenge that will save hundred thousand dollars.  

Theme parks with roller coaster rides are designed to take the fear out of you.  There are not made to scare the hell out of you (which they actually do).  Once you have experience a roller coaster then it is done.  You have achieve the badge of "I did it" or "I too can do it".  World is the biggest theme park ever designed where your life is a roller coaster ride.  And unless you ride it without fear you won't feel the adventure.  Go ride it.  Do different things, explore the world around you.    

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