The Difference With $2, $20 And $200

I didn't liked playing sports back in college days where the only game you played was cricket.  As a spectator I enjoy cricket but I don't play it.  Since few months I have started playing Badminton and I am loving it.  It is great.  If you play it regularly your game will improve drastically.  We bought a pair of badminton racquet  from Walmart for a mere $4.  That means one costs $2.  Cool.  I was delighted already with the price.  But after few days those racquets fell apart.  No big deal we bought another pair since it was only $4.  I already spent $8 on two pairs and now both are broken.  Not to mention  the frustration and round trips that go into buying these. The problem with those is they break often and in the long run you end up paying more.

Then we came across Wilson's racquet worth $20 each. That is 10 times the price of the ones that I bought from Walmart.  As soon as you hold that piece in your hand you can feel  the design.  It is light weight.  And they even last longer.  And you don't end up paying frequently since they don't break often.  Your game improves and you have better chance of winning.  Now that I have realized the difference I wanted to learn from watching how stars play to improve my game.  I noticed they were playing with Yonex racquets.  I was curious to know the price difference.  It was another increase by the multiple of 10.  Shocking.  Yup. A whopping $229 worth of just one racquet, and it was the cheapest in the starting range.  They are engineered for higher performance.  Star players use them.  The design of such product is an evolution of multiple lab tests and high quality standards.  That is just not going to happen with those $2.

The point is if you want to be the best and if you want to get better at your game (could be your business, studies, job) then you will have to get the best tools and settle for nothing less than that.  If you want to hire programmers then you have a choice either hire an average cheap programmer(not that they aren't good) or hire a star programmer who costs twice as much as the cheaper one.  The problem with the former one is you will end up hiring such programmers more often who produce buggy softwares.  And worst of all you might never ship your product. Whereas if you hire a star programmer that programmer can produce 10 times efficient code then that sloppy programmer who never listens to you.  In the long run you will realize which bets paid off really well.

Key Takeaway: At any given point you have a decision to make, a) Settle for average or b) Select the best one.  In the second case you will be always better off in the long run.  

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