Two Ways To Move Up

There are two ways if you want to move up in the system(I mean any system).  
  1. Create your own system.
  2. Work with the system.
There is no rocket science involved in this and if you get this thing right then you can achieve what you set to achieve in the system.  If the central government is not in your favor and they don't support you then you cannot create your own central government.  Think from a state's chief minister standpoint of view.  What will you do?  Work with the system and learn how it works.  That is exactly what Shree Narenda Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, India has done till now.   He has implemented different projects which no other state government has even thought that those could be done.

Hence either you can complain all day hoping that manager don't understand your problems or take a different approach that would solve problems.  There is one thing though that you cannot afford to waste and it is time and opportunity.  You don't get thousand opportunities to become the president of United States or live your life to the fullest.  You only get one.  That's it.  Go make something happen buddy.

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