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We Will Miss You Steve!!

As we all know that Steve Jobs, the legendary innovator has passed away and left many people in tears around the world.  I was in a shock on Wednesday when I heard the news after I was done with my Art class.  It felt like a close family member had passed away.  I cannot do justice by writing about a person whom I have never met.  And lots of intelligent and smart people around the world have written about Steve Jobs.  Take a look at this Techcrunch article on Steve Jobs which aggregated some famous stories on Steve Jobs.  So me writing on Steve would be like a just another fan writing on Steve.  But I couldn’t help it as every other fan so I am just writing what I am feeling.  Just a coincidence, today is 14th October 2011,  the day iPhone 4S goes on sale and Apple has kept a celebration to remember Steve Jobs.  What a day to give a tribute to a legend. 
I have been reading lots of articles on Steve and also eagerly waiting for his Biography written by Sir Walter Issacson who wrote