We Will Miss You Steve!!

As we all know that Steve Jobs, the legendary innovator has passed away and left many people in tears around the world.  I was in a shock on Wednesday when I heard the news after I was done with my Art class.  It felt like a close family member had passed away.  I cannot do justice by writing about a person whom I have never met.  And lots of intelligent and smart people around the world have written about Steve Jobs.  Take a look at this Techcrunch article on Steve Jobs which aggregated some famous stories on Steve Jobs.  So me writing on Steve would be like a just another fan writing on Steve.  But I couldn’t help it as every other fan so I am just writing what I am feeling.  Just a coincidence, today is 14th October 2011,  the day iPhone 4S goes on sale and Apple has kept a celebration to remember Steve Jobs.  What a day to give a tribute to a legend. 

I have been reading lots of articles on Steve and also eagerly waiting for his Biography written by Sir Walter Issacson who wrote Biography of Einstein.  According to this video conversation feature on Charlie Rose on Bloomberg website, Steve Jobs wanted his Biography to be written by the person who wrote Einstein’s Biography.  Amazing!  And for those who don’t know it is coming this October 24.  I was long ago waiting for Steve’s Biography to come out as a I have read lots of his stories before he passed away.  I knew the biography was going to come in March next year.  Then I found out that it was due in November this year.  So I pre-ordered it on the same day Steve died in the afternoon before I heard the news about his death.  So in the evening when I heard the news I was devastated and in tears.  ‘How could that happen?” – I told my wife and we both were sad to hear the news.  People who met Steve Jobs at some point in their life must have felt the same way (Fast Company article on people who met Steve).

We realize the true value of a person when the person is away from us.  I realized this long ago when I came to United States leaving my family back in India.  Steve Jobs was the person who realized what the true value of life was.  He lived life to its fullest. 
I had been posting Steve Jobs’s quotes n my Facebook wall for a while and I want to re-post them here which I believe are life changing.  I often remember these quotes whenever I am struggling with some problem.  Here they are.

The only thing that kept me going was I truly loved what I did.”  - Steve Jobs.

“It's your heart running around outside your body." -- Steve Jobs quote on children and family as told by Eric Schmidt on BW.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.” - Steve Jobs

"Apple was a very bottom-up company when it came to a lot of its great ideas. We hired truly great people and gave them the room to do great work. A lot of companies — I know it sounds crazy — but a lot of companies don't do that. They hire people to tell them what to do. We hire people to tell us what to do. We figure we're paying them all this money; their job is to figure out what to do and tell us. That led to a very different corporate culture, and one that's really much more collegial than hierarchical." -- Steve Jobs 1996 Interview with Terry Gross as seen on NPR.ORG

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”  - Steve Jobs at Stanford Commencement speech in 2005.

He will always be at the top of my mentors list.  I never met him but he influenced me the most.  Here is one more classy statement from Naval on Twitter,

I never met my greatest mentor. I wanted so much to be like him.  But, his message was the opposite.  Be yourself, with passionate intensity.” – Naval

Steve Jobs was different from any of us in the world and there can be only one Steve Jobs in the world.  Steve cared deeply about what he did and that reflected in all Apple products.  And through all his products we will miss him.

Steve you will be missed…!!  And for all Steve Jobs fans I have one thing to say yet, "The best of Steve Jobs is yet to come."

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

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