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What Kind of Person are you ?

Jeremy Hervey, a great person at heart and friend of mine, gave a presentation on an article in our Leadership class past Monday.  Amazing personality and down to earth.

He Says"  There are two kinds of people in this world.  They are Project type and Maintenance type people.  People who are project type wait for the crisis to occur and then take action.  Maintenance type people are those who see crisis in advance and make small changes as they feel necessary".

If you are a maintenance person you will save yourself and your organization from future economic shakeups.  We all need that kind of maintenance guy in ourselves.  So what kind of person are you ?

Are you going to revise your job skills now or wait untill you get fired?  Are you going to start caring about your health before you get your first heart attack?  Or Are you going to study right now or wait for the mid term grades?

It time for maintenance guys.

Jamie Oliver : Teach every child about Food

Jamie Oliver, 2010 TED Prize Winner gave this talk on TED 2010 conference on 02/10/2010 in Long beach California.

Jamie is transforming the way we feed ourselves and our children.  Teaching children about food can help cure obesity and health related problems all over the world.

Here is a video and it is my sincere request to share with as many people as you CARE.  Yes if you care about obesity and heart disease then please share this video on facebook, twitter, myspace or blog about Jamie. 

Long live Jamie....

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Find a Niche

Today in this world there is absolutely no end to innovation and expertise.  There are way too many choices and way less time to choose you, your product, your company and your brand.  And this is applicable to every industry.

So what is the end result when a customer goes out for shopping.  He chooses the best product in the category within his predefined selection criteria.   That customer could be your employer looking for a new hire, customer in a grocerry store, or big company buying small cat.

If you are not the best in the business then your are out of business.  Let's take Facebook, the best in social networking where the creme lies.  If you are looking for a new hire then you will shop for the best eligible player to do the job. Aren't you?

If you are new in the business and if you are lucky you might be the best but what if you are not.  Do you have a choice?  Yes ofcourse.  "Find your Niche" - Niche in a simple word is a category that is unexplored by the …

Pull v/s Push

Sir Richard St. John in his 8 secrets of success argues that one of the factor to be successful is pushing yourself beyond the boundaries.  Making that extra effort and going that extra mile will get you success.  It is by far accepted as truth.

However it is found that an alternative opposite approach works out to be much better.  How about trying the other way.  So can you find something that would pull you towards it? Or  Can you find something you love,  you care, worry and constantly think off, that would pull you towards success?

Second one is lot more easier than the first one.  Pushing requires a lot of effort and motivation.  Whereas a pull is much more like a gravitational force.  If you love something then success will find out its way through all the hurdles.

Addiction is Omnipresent

Let's face it. Addiction is everywhere. We all are addicted to something or the other. And it is good and/or bad.

Some are addicted to Facebook, Shopping, eating fast food, staying online from everywhere, networking, partying, watching movies, playing games, reading books, smoking, drinking, working, and just about everything you just cannot stay without. 

Yes Addiction is something you cannot stay without it.  You just want it anyhow anyway.  You will go that extra mile to find a cigratte, or spend unnecessary extra time on Facebook to update the status or play games.

After all its altogether good to be addicted at things that matter.  Things that installs creativity.  Things that motivate you.  Things that help create a better world.

So ask yourselft a favor what kind of addiction is good for me?  Here are a few to get a head start.

Get  yourself addicted to perfection.  Get addicted to help people.  Get addicted to learn something. 

[Smoking, drinking, drugs are injurious fo…