Friday, May 07, 2010

Scarcity of disciplined thinkers

My last post focused on maintaining focus at all times to succeed.  In this age of absolute distraction when you have so many like and conflicting ideas we need absolute focus.   You have so many ideas, thoughts, friends, feelings, desires and distractions going on, and in the midst of it you need to preserve your best one and organize them.

We need to start thinking as a disciplined thinker.  A disciplined thinker is a person who fights continuously with one's conflicting ideas in the mind.  He is a person who gives attention to his ideas and listens carefully to them. 

A disciplined thinker is a person who organizes various ideas into pools of categories.  He then organizes those categories to refine his own ideas and makes them sharper.  He writes them down as soon as they come to his mind. 

He is a person who storyboards his ideas into series of pictures with the help of sticky notes to make a big picture.  A disciplined thinker is a person who continuously ships his ideas to others irrespective of their craziness.

We need disciplined thinkers who can map complex thoughts and ideas into a one Big Picture to solve world problems.  And the chaos is increasing day by day in our society.  Bring discipline to your thinking.