Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Doctors

In our economy, we have people who aspire to be big and rich.  Well nothing is wrong in that, but their behavior doesn't match with their expectations.  It is the main reason behind unhappiness.  As normal logic goes in our society medical doctors are considered to be wealthy.  One reason I believe is due to their hard work they have put up these many years.  And even after that they are ready to run at any time if there is an emergency.  For them the TGIF mentality is not at work.  After all, they believe in a greater cause: saving someone's life, which goes beyond themselves.

If we expect to be richer or want a better life or even change something for the better of the world, we would have to act like doctors.  Even though there are many different disciplines to be a doctor but as general perception goes they know everything regarding their domain of expertise.  A skin specialist is expert at skin related issues.  Over time these disciplines are increasing and fragmenting.  So more and more specialist are required.  And no wonder they will command a premium.  In the meanwhile, the average and the generalist will be found in abundance.

The same analogy is true for any field you can imagine.  But we have never approached them with same mentality.  Imagine if you are a specialist and an expert in the field of accounting, aka the master of accounting.  Any second guess that you won't be making million dollars?  The problem is we are easily satisfied and we give up easily.  This is due to our mindset that I can't become a doctor because it requires too much effort.  But why you couldn't be a doctor at your own field of choice?

Few reasons why I love doctors' mentality:

1.) Ready to work any time
2.) Their purpose in life beyond themselves
3.) High expectation and performance is rooted in their DNA.
4.) They have amazing wisdom.