Resume Product Life cycle

Every product has a product life cycle.  Products goes through different stages(Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline) during their time line.  As products gets older, companies make changes or introduces newer products with different specifications.  Sometimes they might even get rid of aging products.  Apple every year introduces newer line of its consumer products and breaks record sales in its product categories.

Your "Resume" also has a product life cycle.  Which ultimately means that the product (that's you) with a current specification (Resume) also have a life cycle.  For example, assume that you get graduated with a Bachelors degree and you get a nice job.  Your resume is set and you will enjoy all benefits of a successful product.  Once your product is getting saturation point you will have to improve yourself.  Else your product will decline.  So you decide to get a Masters degree or some other kind of associate degree.  Again product is updated.  And the cycle is restarted.

It is not a one time launch.  You have to update your resume continuously (Tip: If you get your first job, update your resume every month till two years.)  Very few people take the time and effort and make it a regular practice.  It is only when they get fired or are hunting for a better opportunity they make changes to their resume.   To update your resume you will have to continuously grow professionally as well as personally.

Resumes can be much much better if we understand them from a product, a brand stand point of view.

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