Connecting the dots

Have you ever played the puzzle "Connecting the dots"? Untill you connect all the dots you do not get the bigger picture. Life is a similar puzzle. Untill we connect all our thoughts, our actions or events, there is no picture.

Today my sweet wife asked me a question. "If you were given a chance to stay in just one room and do just one thing, what would that thing be?" She chose to read as many books as she can. I requested to lend me pencils, colors and sticky notes and lock me up. Out of curiosity she asked me what would you do with them.

I answered I would connect the dots in my life and try to draw a bigger picture. There are some incidents, moments of my life which are absurd, which just happened to me which made no sense to me, but after days or years they make perfect sense. At the end all those moments, incidents would just make perfect sense. I feel we have been given a task, a role to play in this world.

I want to connect all my dots NOW to sketch a beautiful world TOMORROW. While we are working on a project or any new concept, there are tons of thoughts revolving around us. They are related, not related but do not constitute the whole picture.

We need to connect them dot by dot, thought by thought, action by action and event by event NOW to sketch a big beautiful world TOMORROW.

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