Blamers vs Seekers

Whenever you are facing a tough situation in your life, then you will meet individuals who are either Blamers or Seekers.  By seekers, I mean Solution Seekers.  Your effectiveness in dealing with a situation will be greatly determined by having an overwhelming majority of Seekers on your team.  The more you have these people, the better you will fare in any given situation. When you want to solve an issue and get a deeper understanding, you don’t want to spend time dealing with politics or calming a person’s emotions about trivial things.  You want to dive into details, do a root cause analysis and fix the problem.  Plus you want to prevent it from happening again.  Blamers have always someone to blame for their problems.  They get agitated easily.  They take it on themselves. Solution seekers are trying to solve the problem.  They are diving into the specifics of the issue at hand and what could be done to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again.  They are already at wor

My Little Experiment

In this post, I want to talk about how a little experiment has sparked curiosity in my kid to read books. This post is not to boast how great I am or how great my parenting skills are.  It was the year of 2017 when my son was less than 2 months old. I don’t know the precise day but I definitely remember the approximate month. During this time frame, we opened a gift that we received from one of our friends. The gift was a playmat on which newborns lay down with their belly up and stare at the hanging ornaments. This gift also had an accompanying book written by Sandra Boynton called - The going to bed book . I was fascinated by the book and a thought came to my mind.  Who decided that kids need to be of certain age before we can read them books?  We have heard that kids don’t recognize things before a certain time. But hey I am not an expert at child psychology. So I thought, let’s read this book to him. Even if it just meant flipping pages.  Before I go into the details, my son like m

I feel today

I feel sad staying away from my family I feel sad when I read news I feel sad when I think politics I feel sad when someone passes away I feel happy when I am productive I feel happy when I read technology I feel happy when I am on stage I feel happy when I think innovation I feel alien in a foreign land I feel alien now in my own land I feel alien with changing feelings I feel alien in a crowd I am wild on blank canvas I am wild in my thoughts I am wild on a track and lost in the wild I am wild without focus I feel scared about darkness I feel scared without answers I feel scared about speed I feel scared about unconscious I feel empowered with freedom I feel empowered with technology I feel empowered with decision I feel empowered with people I want to be a kid I want to go back I want to be small I want to be new I want to be brave

Finishing That Run Was Tough, Emotional, Challenging and Motivating

In the last post , I wrote about preparing for Glass City Half Marathon and in this post I would like to update on how it went for me.  Quick answer: It was awesome.  When I was training for it I wasn't sure whether I will be able to do it or not, so I didn't registered for Half Marathon.  I wanted to see whether I could meet my training goals or not and then register.  Well I waited too long to register so Half Marathon was closed for registration and I had to settle for a 5K for Toledo.  But on the same day I registered for Capital City Half Marathon which was held in Columbus, Ohio on May 5th, 2012. When I started training it was winter and very cold outside so I was running on a treadmill and always kept running on a it until 5k.  But there are no treadmills when you go outside so nothing can match training on ground.  The 5k acted just like a training battle ground for my half.  Which is what everyone does but I figured it out later.  I found that I was running faster o

Preparing for Toledo Glass City Half Marathon

New Year resolutions are tough but absolutely worth it.  Although this has been on many resolutions but now I have started taking care of my health since second week of January of 2012. It was not like I was not taking care of my health before but now I have a goal to reach. Earlier my goals didn’t materialize; this time I have something which I am shooting towards. Early in January I made a goal to run Toledo glass city half marathon which is going to be held on April 22nd 2012.  I didn’t knew how much was a half marathon but after searching on the internet I found out that it would take good 10 weeks to get trained for it.  Eventually I realized that it was 13 miles run.  So I made a goal and started running.  Every day since then I made a point to wake up early in the morning and go to gym.  Even if I was late I made a point to go to the gym.  No matter whatever happened. Initially I was not able to even run 5mins @ 3.5 mph.  I felt pathetic at that time.  Before starting the tr

Know Your Food And Do the Right Thing

Eating healthy is expensive, stupid, foolish, and makes no sense to a person barely making enough money to meet the ends.  Yes, eating healthy and maintaining healthy habits has a cost associated with it.  It only depends on when you want to pay for the cost and in what form.  Food that is cheap and easily available is the most tempting one.  It has hidden cost associated with it in the long run.  It also requires time and effort to learn about the food you eat.  The more you are aware the better choices you will make.  A non-organic milk gallon will cost little under $3 depending upon where you buy.  And an organic milk gallon will cost you more than $6.  It requires guts and a conscious effort to make the right choice.  It might even look stupid to make such a choice when you are shopping with your friend(s).  Eating healthy and making healthy choices don't come easy.  A  person who is trying to save will definitely go for the non-organic milk. The more you are exposed to diff

Key Networking Feature: Sharing

Networking is about creating best friends forever who will advocate for you .  Let’s revisit some aspects of your friendship and see why that works great for both.   Let’s assume you have a fictitious best friend named Chris.  Now you receive a gold medal in 400 meters running race and call Chris immediately “ to share your happiest moment ”.  You just shared a part of your life and made Chris a part of your life.  Chris now feels important.  You are not feeling well and you need help and you call Chris.  Chris shows up and helps you out.  In return you always stand by him whenever he needs you.  You are always connected with Chris through email, phone, and home address and hang out together.  Whenever you are happy, sad, enlightened, or whatever you feel like sharing with Chris.  Now hold that thought for a second and ask this question to yourself, have you ever felt this way with some of your professional friends?  Have you shared anything with them that you felt was great? D