Know Your Food And Do the Right Thing

Eating healthy is expensive, stupid, foolish, and makes no sense to a person barely making enough money to meet the ends.  Yes, eating healthy and maintaining healthy habits has a cost associated with it.  It only depends on when you want to pay for the cost and in what form.  Food that is cheap and easily available is the most tempting one.  It has hidden cost associated with it in the long run.  It also requires time and effort to learn about the food you eat.  The more you are aware the better choices you will make.  A non-organic milk gallon will cost little under $3 depending upon where you buy.  And an organic milk gallon will cost you more than $6.  It requires guts and a conscious effort to make the right choice.  It might even look stupid to make such a choice when you are shopping with your friend(s).  Eating healthy and making healthy choices don't come easy.  A  person who is trying to save will definitely go for the non-organic milk.

The more you are exposed to different cultures around the world the more you will know how food system should really work.  The capitalist food chain has been surviving by feeding us more at a lower cost.  If you visit a local restaurant then the amount of food they serve in one order is too much for a normal person to eat in one sitting.  That is not healthy.  It is up to us whether we want to eat all that is given to us. We all love food but then why we try to eat all at once and skip meals because we just ate too much.  If we really love food then we should eat less more during the day and not the other way around.  The kind of food and the way we eat it is how we become.  Since past few months I have become very conscious of what I eat and how I eat.  I am trying to get my food system in order.  There are few very good documentaries on food which I think everyone should see. and King Corn are the ones you should see without fail.  There are more here.  Nobody can tell you what to do because the decision maker is you.

Don't stop doing what you are doing with your food because somebody told you or somebody else is doing it. I am just saying that be aware of what you eat and how you eat it.  Know better about your food and tell others too.  And its ok to eat less.  Don't be embarrassed to leave food on plate if you can't eat it.  And that Steve Jobs quote just meant that, "Stay hungry, stay foolish".  

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