I feel today

I feel sad staying away from my family
I feel sad when I read news
I feel sad when I think politics
I feel sad when someone passes away

I feel happy when I am productive
I feel happy when I read technology
I feel happy when I am on stage
I feel happy when I think innovation

I feel alien in a foreign land
I feel alien now in my own land
I feel alien with changing feelings
I feel alien in a crowd

I am wild on blank canvas
I am wild in my thoughts
I am wild on a track and lost in the wild
I am wild without focus

I feel scared about darkness
I feel scared without answers
I feel scared about speed
I feel scared about unconscious

I feel empowered with freedom
I feel empowered with technology
I feel empowered with decision
I feel empowered with people

I want to be a kid
I want to go back
I want to be small
I want to be new
I want to be brave

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