Blamers vs Seekers

Whenever you are facing a tough situation in your life, then you will meet individuals who are either Blamers or Seekers.  By seekers, I mean Solution Seekers. 

Your effectiveness in dealing with a situation will be greatly determined by having an overwhelming majority of Seekers on your team.  The more you have these people, the better you will fare in any given situation.

When you want to solve an issue and get a deeper understanding, you don’t want to spend time dealing with politics or calming a person’s emotions about trivial things.  You want to dive into details, do a root cause analysis and fix the problem.  Plus you want to prevent it from happening again. 

Blamers have always someone to blame for their problems.  They get agitated easily.  They take it on themselves.

Solution seekers are trying to solve the problem.  They are diving into the specifics of the issue at hand and what could be done to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again.  They are already at work.  They have a growth mindset.  For the problem, at hand they have multiple possible solutions in mind. 

Anyone that is not making the situation better is essentially making it worse.  Everyday you have limited emotional energy and you want to conserve it as much as possible and use it towards making an impact and bringing effective change happen.

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