Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why New Year Resolutions don't Matter? But Goals do matter.

Year 2009 is finally over, and now all the news channels, websites, blogs and even radio channels would have mentioned about each others new year resolution. For so many years resolutions havn't been taken seriously and people don't pay attention to their resolution after two days.

Why resolutions are neglected whereas goals are not?

After all new year resolution is nothing but your goals for the current year. Treat your life as a business and compare everything with an analogous business situation. And ask business questions. For example.

Do you have a new year resolution?(Yes, No, Probably) compared to
Does your business have any goals?(An obvious yes)

How are you planning to achieve your new year resolution?(haven't thought yet) compared to
How your business will achieve the goal? (Number of Ways)

Have you break down your resolution into monthly resolution?(Wait that is not mentioned anywhere) compared to
Have you break down your goals into monthly goals? (See Monthly Reports)

Do you have any alternative strategy to achieve your resolution?(out of scope) compared to
Do you have any alternative strategy to achieve your goals? (Sure, my boss would love backup plan)

Many say that they have a resolution but they don't stick to it. Here is a question.

Are resolutions important to you?(some what important) compared to
Is setting a goal important to your business(life)? (damn important)

Be your own boss today, otherwise your destiny, fate will be your boss tomorrow. Take charge. Have all answers ready and start working towards your next years goals.

Be definitive, see small term goals achieved, go public with your goals, held yourself accountable and bring responsibility to your life.

"Yes we can" - Barack Obama.