Imagination a key requirement at 21st century workplace

 "The most important economic competition is actually between you and your own imagination." - Thomas L. Friedman, Author(The world is flat), Columnist - NY Times.

World is changing fast and it is changing fast than ever before and faster than you can imagine.  If you start looking at changes that happened over the last decade you would be overwhelmed.

But from now every year's change would be perceived as a change that could have taken decades.  So what does this imply for a career.

Yes.  Jobs are going to change and so are requirements of those jobs are going to change.  Knowing skills to do a particular job would not be essential anymore.

What will be essential is imagination.  Do you have the imagination for the future?  Imagination is a rare skill that is a scarcity in current work and a skill that prevents you from being change ready individual.

Organizations in a modern world require individuals who are change ready.  And if all the employees in a company start imagining future then they start anticipating change and finally accept change faster than every before.

End result such companies will remain competitive and innovative in the 21st century workplace.

"Imagination is the power that can manifest itself into reality" - James Cameroon, Director of Titanic, Avatar

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