Work for your own brand

Yesterday I had a wow feeling reading the article "The Brand Called You" By Tom Peters on Fast Company.  Simply amazing view points on personal branding.  Today personal branding is very important and crucial for success in a world that is changing so fast.

Tom Peters emphasizes on the personal branding, the most powerful brand you have.  It's is the only brand for which you should work for.  It is not being selfish when we say that work for your brand.  In fact it is working for your own ideologies and philosophies that define you as "YOU".

There are millions of individuals just like you out there ready to stand along with you and will out do you.  Unless you are exceptional, Unless you are a powerful BRAND.   You need to differentiate yourself among the crowd and you need to find ways to do it. 

Think yourself as a premium brand highly priced and sold at stores where only few can afford.  And start working on making it better.  The rewards are exceptional and joy is enormous.

So yes, we all are branded.  And some brands command premium while some sell at discount.  The choice is yours.

Read the article(link)

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