CEOs be prepared like a Bride

What a presentation by Timothy Hayes !  Tim is a friend of mine in our leadership class and last night he gave wonderful presentation on "Two Minute Drill".  One of the great presentation I saw recently and it was full of energy and enthusiasm.  He emphasized on how a CEO of the company should be prepared.

A CEO of the company should be prepared to tackle the battle like a BRIDE in a marriage.  Referring to Tim's Sister, he described the whole scene on how she(CEO) of the occasion prepared for the marriage.  On the most important day in one life, she took care of everyone else was just amazing.  A BRIDE takes care of each and every detail of her dress and of others too.

It brought so much emotion to Tim's presentation, it was a point never to be forgotten.  CEO's be prepared like a BRIDE taking care of each and every person and the occasion(company).

(effective presentation tip: Bring emotions to your presentation so that it will be remembered life long)

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