Enhance your Learning power

Why I can not figure out answers or why does it take me more time to figure out even the simplest solutions?  If you think it is difficult to learn, then think once again about relativity.  May be there are people who think it is way easier than it is.

Where there is no magic involved in this one but you have to foster your four basic skills to empower yourself.  We were some how not trained to exercise our four basic skills regularly.  Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking..

Some times you jump on directly to find a solution without reading the problem.  Without listening to other person we jump on to a conclusion.  Without writing great we criticize great reports.   We are not effective at our basic skills.   

The reception is interrupted, interpretation is distorted, transmission is full of noise and there is no quality of signal.  At the end there are different signal boosters like the special education classes to improve the signal. 

If you start making all these four skills a part of your daily routine then you will be a life long learning individual who can lead.

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