It's okay to switch majors

Are you wondering to switch you major or your subject or expertise?  Is it worth the time to switch and learn a new skill?  Will I be ever able to compete in the new domain?  According to OSHO, one of the great philosopher of all times, believes its okay to switch majors and so do I. 

Here is the why part.  In doing so you bring a unique perspective to your new profession.  Having mutliple talents helps in understanding rules of the game from a different perspective.  You start seeing the company's problems and try to address them.  If you are an art major and switch to business then you bring art to your business skills.  You bring creative solutions to business processes.

Things are changing so fast people have no clue in their company's what is happening.  So if you are able to spot the big problem then you have a shot at your future.  What if you are pursuing nursing and switch over to hospitality industry?  You will start caring about customers like your patients.  As a result, undivided attention to the customer and your boss is happy.

Allan Mulaly of Ford Motor company came from Airline Industry to Automobile Industry and his unique perspective changed the fate of the  company.    Entrepreneurs do it all the time.  And there are countless of examples you can correlate that will only prove that its okay to switch.  The key is switch early.

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