Absolute Focus

What happens when you do things at the last moment?  Why you feel that I will do better next time?  What happens when absolute focus kicks in? Result: You will work with undivided attention.  Undivided attention brings creativity and results.  You are very creative when you are very focused  in your goal.  The ideas behind this post is not to encourage you work at the last moment but to bring light to benefits of absolute focus.

Why apple is considered to be the most creative company?  The company with remarkable products.  Because they are a very focused company.  They are aware of their extreme focus.....high gains and high productivity.  highly creative individuals...preventing themselves from average products.  Most companies are distracted by too many things.  Trying to do just about everything.  And as a result nothing gets done.  Products with average quality, performance and lots of complains.

I am writing a paper on organizational change implementation and business leaders confronted that focus is the key behind a company's success.  And the lack of focus behind failure.  Are you trying to do too much everyday? STOP... "Stop being average, start being remarkable" as frequently quoted by our Seth Godin.  In this age of absolute distraction where there are too many products, too many websites, too many ideas to success, we need absolute focus.

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