The best way to learn anything

I have a very interesting story to share with you and it is very personal.  Three years ago I finished my undergraduate degree in engineering in Electronics and Communication.   Through second year, I was literally struggling to learn the principles of semiconductor devices.  It was nightmares for me.  I never remembered it.  Tough subjects came over me, one by one and I couldn't take it.  As a result, I flunked in my second year.   I was terrified and had never failed before in my life.

So I started again and third year came in and was bombared with more difficult subject like Microprocessors.  Same situation, couldn't get it but didn't flunked this time.  Somehow I passed it.  When final year came in I got an opportunity to teach few students.  They wanted to learn microprocessors and controllers.  I was clueless but I had some good mentors who taught me processors before.  So I thought I could do it.  

Students kicked in and my small class room was on.  Before I could teach them I understood that I had to study first to teach them.  I was prepared in each class and taught.  Sometimes they didn't understood and they stared at me with blank faces.  I figured out how to make it easier for them to understand.  As classes went by, it became more interesting and students (now my friends) were enjoying it.  I realized that what I learned in my college days was just "remembering it hard" to get through the exams.    I never had a real learning experience.

Suddenly I was able to see immense opportunities in the field of micro controllers and microprocessors.  I was so happy to see that I could do it.  And so can you.  I am not saying that you all have to start teaching students to learn everything.  We encounter so many friends who do not know few things, in which we are very good at.  You can grab that opportunity.  You can even volunteer in a community school to teach a few lessons on anything. 

Teaching others is the best way to learn anything.  If you ever had a true learning experience then you would be so excited to tell others that you did it.  In teaching if students don't understand any concept then I used to alter the way I used to teach them.  So simple lesson, if you didn't understand anything alter the way you learn them.  So I adopted the best way to learn anything is to teach.

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