Your Best Me Times a day

Me Times ! From the time I heard about "Me-Time" phrase, I was excited.  Everybody has to spare some free time with themselves everyday.  It is as necessary as doing your job, spending time with kids, wife or your project team.  You have to be with yourself and yourself most of the times.  You have to talk with yourself.

Stupid as it may sound but most of the people are sacred about loneliness.  Because when they are alone they have to face themselves.  Their own feelings, beliefs, attitudes, ego and more of such feelings.

You have to spend some Me-Time in order to get organized.  You need time to read something, play some music, or game or just do nothing and be yourself.  You need it.  The "I am Busy" culture has penetrated so much into our lives that we do not have time for self-evaluation or self-reflection.

I was a workaholic person and used to work till my body couldn't take it anymore.  My health deteriorated,  I was frustrated, professional life got affected, lost focus, and used to get angry a lot.  "Busyness" is not a solution to neglect yourself.

My best "Me-Times" were the long walk to college for about 20 minutes each day, talking shower, driving on a free way, sitting in toilet and get lost in thoughts,  reading books and while eating food.  I enjoy those moments very much.  The best moments which everyone gets everyday.  Don't miss them.  Grab those "Me-Times" and reinvent yourself.

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